Friday, March 14, 2008

Tough To Kill Volume 1 now available!

At long last the book by Paul Cooke and myself is ready to go. It is actually a VOLUME 1 of Tough To Kill-a collection of reviews and views and strangely skewed writings on things that go BOOM.
You can order your copy (and even get an ebook edition) by going here.

This is something Paul and I worked on (and off...and on) at for almost 6 years of searching for original Japanese tapes and I'm glad to see it out there.

Included are 80 Ballistic reviews from directors such as Enzo G. Castellari, Bruno Mattei, Tito Carpi, Antonio Margheriti, Ignazio Dolce, Lamberto Bava, Alfonso Brescia, Ruggero Deodato and "Larry Ludman" himself, Fabrizio De Angelis.

A Tribute To Bruno Mattei by Paul Cooke.

Of Margheriti And Miniatures-an interview with Edoardo Margheriti

Star Profiles by Paul Cooke including articles on Mark Gregory, Reb Brown and more.

Dystopia Rides A Dune Buggy is an examination of Italian Post Nuke Cinema of the 80s.

And yes...THE TRUTH ABOUT BRONX CRACKDOWN. Some claim to have it! I assure you they do not!



Fred said...

Cool! How many reviews are there? How many pages? :)

JoseViruete said...

I'm gonna pick one for sure. This looks terrific.

OOP said...

Finally, been waiting for this since day one. I ordered a copy yesterday and so should rest of you guys. I am already looking forward to Vol 2.

David Zuzelo said...

Hey fellas,
Thanks very much-this is a lot of stuff that Paul and myself have written. It is 120 pages and includes 80 reviews.
Off the top of my head we covered (and this is from memory)

Adam And Eve Versus The Cannibals
Apocalypse Mercenaries
Ark of the Sun God
Atlantis Interceptors
Black Cobra
Black Cobra 2
Black Cobra 3
Black Cobra 4: Detective Malone
Bridge To Hell
Bronx Warriors
Bronx Warriors 2:Escape From The Bronx
Car Crash
Cobra Mission 2
Cross Mission
Cruel Jaws
Cut And Run
Deadly Impact
Death Commando
Double Target
Getting Even
The Hard Way
Hell's Heroes
Hunters of the Golden Cobra
Indio 2-The Revolt
Last Match
Last Platoon
Lone Runner
The Manhunt
Mark of the Scorpion
Massacre In Dinosaur Valley
Miami Cops
Mines of Kilamanjaro
Raiders of the Magic Ivory
Secret of the Inca's Empire
The Shatterer
Soldier of Fortune
Speed Driver
Strike Commando
Tex And The Lord of the Deep
The Barbarians
Thunder 3
Tides of War
Tiger Joe
Urban Warriors
Warbus Commando

The next one will have more 80s (stuff like 3 Men On Fire with Richard Harrison), and other action oddities.

I hope you enjoy it!
And by the way...great to see you Fredzilla!

Andrew Leavold said...

I want this. No, I NEED this. Bless your Euro-addled brains!

I can give you Bruno's final ever interview (filmed in Manila on the set of Zombies: The Beginning) for the next one if you're keen...

Buckaroobanzai said...

Andrew, Thanks for the kind words, and Yes Please, we so need that Interview :) . I'm desperate for someone to pick up & release Bruno's last three movies so we can watch. There will be a Jungle / Philippines connection to Volume 2 so a Bruno Interview would be another Great Coup. Please do let us know more & of course we will credit you down in the book as Interviewer & source :) . Paul

Andrew Leavold said...

Fantastic! I can also write an article about visiting the Zombies: The Beginning set (I've got some amazing footage of the set in mid-construction which would look fantastic as screen caps) and also interview producer Gianni Palucci about Bruno's final Filipino phase. I also interviewed Yvette Yzon, Jim Gaines and the production manager at the time. All of this could piece together well - what do you think?

Please check out my SEARCH FOR WENG WENG blog for other writings on Filipino trash cinema:

Cheers! Andrew

Buckaroobanzai said...

Andrew, FANTASTIC :) . We would love this to be a part of Tough To Kill 2 which is underway now & being put together and this will be an Excellent addition. I read your stuff at DVD Maniacs & enjoy, I'll be sure to check out your blog too. I believe David is about to contact you, I guess he can do so through your Blog ?. I'll catch up with you soon as well Andrew. Looking forward to working with you :) . Sincerely. Paul

PS: Please do let us have your thoughts on TTK Volume 1 when you do get hold of. Hey, it'd be great for someone to Review for DVD Maniacs ;) .

Andrew Leavold said...

Thanks Paul, happy to be on board!

Would love to review TTK1, any chance of posting a copy?

I'm at
1/73 Vulture St
West End Qld 4101

Also, let David know I'm on this email address:

Cheers! Andrew

K H Brown said...

Congratulations on getting the book published, just got my copy and look forward to reading it and, indeed, to any forthcoming volumes.

Buckaroobanzai said...

Hi K.H, Thanks for the support we appreciate it. Enjoy the book & please do let us know what you think. Volume 2 is already in the works :) . Paul

Douglas A. Waltz said...

So, if Vol. 2 is Jungle Action flicks are we gonna get some Franco in the next book? I loves me some Franco.

Mr.Jones said...

more vover here:

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Francesca Paolucci said...

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