Saturday, January 26, 2008

Editorial Actions and VOOD!

Thanks to everyone for showing up during our first week, we will continue to update this blog with all the EuroAction we can find. Though we fully intend to stick to our original format, this online edition of TOUGH TO KILL provides us with an opportunity to branch out and include other European efforts that might be a little off kilter, but rest assured they will feature lots of action! So, here are some looks at films we are excited to cover and one other special bonus.

This is the trailer for the first in next week's featured series! We will not only be reviewing the original film, but the sequels helmed by Edoardo Margheriti and the elusive FOURTH entry as well!




Endless Greg said...


Isn't there also some Euro- sexploitation flick with Jack Palance which is also titled Black Cobra?

Buckaroobanzai said...

David is that first Trailer for Black Cobra or Black Cobra 4 ?. It's so difficult to tell ;) .
Greg, the Jack Palance flick is the Joe D'Amato 1976 Directed Eva Nera. Good call as it is indeed also known as Black Cobra. It co-stars the delectable Laura Gemser, but is no relation to the Stelvio Massi movie. Paul

Robert Monell said...

If you guys review one of Edoaurdo Margheriti's films I'm sure he would join in the conversation. He also likes discussing his father's war films. I'll send him your address.

Buckaroobanzai said...
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Buckaroobanzai said...

Hi Robert. Thanks for the input. Both David & I hooked up with Edoardo a ways back. Like your good self I assisted him with his Excellent site in homage of his father, which was a real pleasure. I've been trying to get Edoardo to give us a piece to go with the Tough To Kill proposed book. A Great guy :) .
David, we should definitely send Edoardo a link to here too. Thanks again Robert, good to have you here. Paul

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.