Monday, January 21, 2008

Lock, Load...and EXPLODE!

Action nuts around the world...unite and roast marshmallows in the afterglow of the great burning huts which surround the enemy camp!
For years my friend Paul Cooke and I have collected EuroAction films from the crazy days of the 80s. Sure, they are odd and usually knock off products based on the the bustling action biz. BUT, they are also an important part of European Cult Cinema. After the funding for horror died away, producers such as Fabrizio DeAngelis took many of the most popular directors from the glory periods of Eurotrash and gave them a little budget and a lot of blanks to head into the "jungles" to make some action.
Huts were killed by the thousands.
What this blog will do is provide an outlet for us to put reviews for over 60 of these strange gems and celebrate an era when men were dubbed and killed to the tune of shell casings dropping from oversized machine guns. From the great directors such as Antonio Margheriti and down on to supreme hackers such as Mario Bianchi, we will flip every rock and find as many examples of euroballistic bliss as two humans can possibly handle.
And more huts will be killed.
So, sit back and enjoy the ride... We'll be reviewing dozens of action flicks, star profiles and artwork from releases around the globe in the coming days-we hope you enjoy them and seek out these films for yourself.
Besides, as Paul and I always say, to quote a great bit of Bruno Mattei-ism...


Brian said...

I'm glad you got this going! Consider me subscribed. Is there still going to be a Tough to Kill book somewhere down the road?

-Brian I.

David Zuzelo said...

I hope so, though I think we need a lot more visual material to pull it off. I couldn't resist building some buzz on this project however-and sharing the love Paul and I have for these films is fun. Thanks for reading Brian!